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"Should Christians be 'passionate' about The Passion?"

My initial reaction to Mel Gibson's "passion" movie was based on the fact I had heard he was using the 4 Gospels to write the script, with some added Catholic writings. I thought, "Hey, maybe this will be a shot in the arm for genuine Christianity (as far as the crucifixion goes)".
Well, once again I am disappointed (but not surprised).
It turns out, that the dolorous passion of the Christ, a mystic devotional writing by Anne Emmerich, is a prominent source for the script. Worse, actual Bible text is left out!
While it is true that the crucifixion will finally be portrayed in its bloody realism (that has been lacking in the sanitized, American churchianity movement), does this movie give too much attention to the death of Christ, and leave off at telling only half the story? How is the Resurrection (the pinnacle achievement of Christ) treated? Read further...

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